Comic for Monday, Sep 19, 2016


Posted September 19, 2016 at 1:00 am

- *GASP*

After having not bothered originally, I added ye olde Canon Cannon to the first comic in this storyline. I figured if it wasn't clear before this comic that this was a continuation of the previous storyline, and therefore safely assumed canon, it would be as of this moment,

People revolted. They wanted to know where the Canon Cannon was. They said it should be there for consistency so that it can reliably be relied upon for reliable confirmation that a storyline is reliably canon, and that to make an exception to this reliable method for reliable canon confirmation via the reliable Cannon Canon would render the reliablity of the Cannon Canon unreliable.

There were pitchforks. And torches. And possibly it was just a couple of tweets. The chaos that may have been just a couple of tweets had to be stopped, and I heroically risked life and limb in a fashion that might well have been perfectly safe to add in the Cannon Canon to that first comic.

The sky cleared. Birds chirped. Deer frolicked. As a beautiful quadruple rainbow caressed the horizon, peace and order was restored in a manner that might have been just a couple of tweets saying that it was good that the Cannon Canon was added.