Comic for Wednesday, Jun 17, 2015


Posted June 17, 2015 at 1:01 am

I like it when Grace gets emotional over video games.

Whenever I'm playing an RPG in which you can name your characters and I've been renaming everyone and come across a default name I want to keep, there's this very trivial, but real, internal conflict in which I have to decide how much I actually care about renaming everyone.

There are some main series Final Fantasy games in which you can rename characters later, and I appreciate that feature. Please include it in every game 'kay thanks.

It also used to be common for me to name characters who go by nicknames their actual secret spoiler names if I knew them. For example, if I was playing an EGS RPG and got Susan in my party, younger me might've named her Tiffany in spite of all the terrible danger involved.