Comic for Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019


Posted November 20, 2019 at 4:40 am
My family is celebrating Thanksgiving early for scheduling reasons, and I'm personally feeling a little burnt out, so I decided taking this Friday off made sense.


Diane: "Am I the only person here who knows how to party?"

Everyone else: "We know how to party! You gather people in one location, sit around, and chat about stuff!"

Diane: "...You're all dorks."

Magic wand fun is the only reason why Diane isn't mere seconds from asking why the heck someone's party music playlist isn't playing in the background and where THE HECK the fruit punch is.

Something I like about Diane is that she has the least in common with me of everyone at the party. She's an extrovert, she's not jumping at the chance to transform, and she's not going to feel exhausted just by virtue of interacting with people for extended periods of time.

She is so, SO weird.

Anyway, I don't know why Sarah's walking pose in panel seven was so important to me, but it was. I've no idea what she thinks she's doing with her arms, but it was of the utmost importance to me that she do so.