Comic for Friday, Sep 6, 2019


Posted September 6, 2019 at 1:09 am

Don't worry, Grace! It's not like I already know what your first post-training fight's going to be, who it's going to be with, and why it happens!

(Nobody tell Grace I actually know all those things)

Ranma One-Half

If you're a Ranma 1/2 fan and don't turn whatever non-martial arts hobbies you have into martial arts, you're not doing it right. Granted, there are more hobbies like playing video games now, so maybe this doesn't apply to everything because I'm not even sure where you would even begin with that short of something like swinging wired controllers around, which isn't really in the spirit of things.

Also, after the last comic, people have told me they call it "Ranma Half", which shattered my mind into a thousand pieces.

I'm going to keep saying "Randma One-Half", as I think it sounds a lot better just in terms of syllables if nothing else, but you all say it how you want. Unless how you want is "Ranma Divided By Two", which was suggested by a NOW FORMER friend of mine :P