Comic for Friday, Jul 30, 2010


Posted July 30, 2010 at 1:00 am
What? DUDE! You don't just leave without saying anything to Santa! He gives presents to all the children of the world! Well, those who follow his strict moral code, anyway. How can you--

--Wait, that's not Santa? Oh. Nevermind.Don't look back as though you were an action hero and there was a cool explosion going on behind you.

And so this comic possibly concludes the epic story of the quest to discover what happened to the hammers. What is the ultimate consequence of this storyline? Susan now has the bestest, coolest paperweight EVER, that's what. There's gonna be this story later where a window's left open, and it's going to be super important that she has that.

I was gonna say they also learned the true meaning of Christmas, but that guy's not Santa. He's totally faking it. I bet you could pull that beard right off.