Comic for Tuesday, Aug 21, 2018


Posted August 21, 2018 at 1:00 am

On Patreon - Slow Day At Work
(Larger versions, 4 more variants)

In which Susan is bored at work, and uses the cow form transformation watch that she would most definitely have Tedd create for her and then use while at work! Obviously. Why would you even question this 100% canon scenario.

LATER EDIT: Someone pointed out the obvious that the "bonus" image with blonde Susan in blue clothing works with the progression, so... Yeah. Obvious solution should have been obvious. The edit note below is from before when this obvious solution was somehow not obvious to me.

EARLIER EDIT: The Patreon Milestone called for five variants if one character, but that would've left a blank space here. The six image is one of the bonus variants, which is why it doesn't match the rest of the progression.