Comic for Tuesday, Mar 8, 2011


Posted March 8, 2011 at 1:00 am
I once boldly declared a maximum price I was willing to pay for an iPad and said I'd only buy one when the price dwindled to that point. The iPad 2 was recently announced, and suddenly I could get a refurbished first gen iPad for pretty much the exact price I quoted. Well played, Apple...

(Incidentally, I did do research before making this purchase, so if anyone has the sudden urge to tell me why they think I should've gotten something different, please don't. It's a bit late in any case.)

I'm about the one quad-trillionth human to make this sort of "app for everything joke" (and that's only a fraction of all sentient species who have made that joke), but I acquired an iPad the day I drew this and thus was required by law to draw SOMETHING related to it.

Besides which, this is inspired by an actual dream I had after I had placed my order. During the dream, I had a device that was iPad-sized with physical buttons that could alter reality. As one who has presumably read this comic, one could be forgiven for assuming transformation antics ensued, but I mostly used it to effectively "save" my own life's progress and jump back to previous saves.

In short, I gave myself access to a super power every video game hero has effectively had since they started giving players nigh-unlimited save slots. One could argue it was deeply representative of my subconscious, but I'm betting it had more to do with me having ordered an iPad and playing Fallout: New Vegas the previous day.