Comic for Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018


Posted December 11, 2018 at 2:41 am

Dan's Choice - What on Patreon

Confession: I went through several ideas. I had so many. There were varying amounts of shirts. I considered a before and after. I considered various poses, reactions, scenarios, got lazy at one point and put it to put to a poll whether Justin should simply wind up with Luke's height and physique if Luke got Justin's, etc.

Eventually, it was getting late, and ultimately what I really wanted to draw, at the core of it, was Justin with ears and a tail like that in a sort of "wildman" outfit that's clearly been sewn by a machine, Luke in an outfit with a collar, and Ashley as a fairy who is undoubtedly behind the scenario, strongly implying that this may well be a scenario she's written.

This is my soul thrust upon the digital canvas.

It should be noted that my soul originally didn't think Justin should have a shirt, but now I like the shirt. It's like, he's wild, but he's chosen to be wild.

I know I just implied that maybe fairy Ashley put him in that outfit, but sometimes outfits lie. I have a closet full of things that color coordinate even if I pick them at random, but people will think I planned it.

I didn't. Except when I bought them. That was planned. But later it wasn't planned. It remains valid as a metaphor. A metaphor for outfits, and their lies.

That, and the shirt's something to take off, so bonus. You have to consider all stages of dress when planning an outfit.