Comic for Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018


Posted September 12, 2018 at 11:03 pm

My apologies for getting real, but this is for real, and I felt like the most effective way to address it and have everyone know was in comic form.

But hey, Grace! Granted, the placement of that last dialogue balloon might just get people madder at me.

But why? WHY?

I don't think I did any one specific thing, as no specific thing on my Patreon was called out. That suggests a far more general concern regarding content, likely to do with some of the transformation sequences and more suggestive imagery, and them pre-emptively covering their bases.

A side effect of this is that some posts might get labeled "Patrons only", potentially including rare cases of HD EGS:NPs. Such posts require a Patreon account to see. EDIT: I originally said they should still be free to see, but now I'm thinking I was mistaken. A minimum Pledge may be required.

As the comic says, I don't actually know where the line is, so I'm just going to have to go by what might maybe be an issue perhaps I guess?


I don't entirely point my accusing finger at Patreon for this. I doubt they actually want to do anything restrictive. They have to work with other companies and such to function, however, and some of those call for things like this.

I also don't blame them for not having a list in advance of what's not okay. They can't possibly list everything, and someone could totally do something that's an obvious issue while being able to say "but it wasn't on that very specific list!"

Plus, can you imagine such a list? That'd be a read o_o

That said, on a case by case basis, they could be more specific, and I'm mostly frustrated that I'll be guessing as to what does and doesn't need to be "Patrons Only".

On the plus side, while I don't want to suddenly start posting things that'll make people gasp and monocles to fly off, if we are stuck with this, at least I can post things without worrying "is that a bit much" or whatever.

On the negative, BOY did I have a stressful weekend. I actually woke up to the news that they'd decided this on Friday, and I couldn't think of a singular NP beyond things like this. I wanted to do something different for Monday (and thought of something, well, Monday), because I was hoping something might change, but I'm not confident anything will at this point.

At least Grace is happy.