Comic for Monday, Aug 7, 2017


Posted August 7, 2017 at 1:00 am

- It was already after Midnight and technically Friday when this part started

And so Tedd learns the hard way that immortal surrogate mother figures aren't all acceptance, praise, and teaching you magic. There's making you sure you get enough sleep and eat your veggies, too!

And since I don't have much to say about this comic other than "aw", I'll address something more general!

Tedd’s personal pronoun preference is people use pronouns based on Tedd’s current form. As many people would point out, including myself, Tedd's current form won't necessarily "match" Tedd's current gender. We are, however, talking about what Tedd prefers, and not what anyone else would consider technically correct.

Tedd's never asked anyone to use particular pronouns, but likes it when people subtly acknowledge what form she's in. For example, regardless of wanting to stay up, Tedd likes being referred to as "young lady" in this comic, and wouldn't have liked being called "young man".

Again, this is all very specific to Tedd. I'm not suggesting some variant of this is typical for people who are genderfluid. I'm pretty sure the one constant rule about this sort of thing is that it's considerate to respect people's preferences once they are known.


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